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If you are thinking of dating someone outside of the relationship, this article will discuss some things you will want to consider prior to taking that step.Hello, I am a Kenyan who married a Ugandan lady three years ago.Rather, he may want to assess whether she still has feelings for him, and if so, he might be more than happy to “take back” what he considers his, even just for a night or three. Let your girlfriend know that you’re a little uncomfortable with her seeing her ex, especially considering all the bad things she’s told you about him.If she still wants to see him for a chat, then don’t be a cad about it, but try to steer her into a lunchtime reunion instead of midnight cocktails.He could be a genuine friend who simply has deep affection for her—or he could be a fox who’s coming around to revisit the local henhouse.A lot of famous and infamous guys, especially those who are on the lower rungs of fame, see female conquests as a scorecard.Yet every day, we see relationships broken apart by infidelity, affairs, and people leaving one relationship to start another.

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It’s not your business to break up a friendship, but don’t be shy about showing your girlfriend lots of tender and specifically physical affection when this guy’s around.

You probably do feel a little threatened if your girlfriend or wife has a second “husband” at work.

It may seem like a strike against you that she has a man in her life with all that time and career arc in common with her; make that two strikes if he and she are on a better career path than your own!

I have gone through a lot of pain because of her infidelity.

My wife has, unfortunately, not given me a child yet.

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