Who is perez dating

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Sal Perez has at least one kid, though we’ve heard from some Royals fans, that the little guy is not Marig Ruiz’s child.Salvador Perez isn’t afraid to post about the little guy in his Twitter or Instagram pictures, but when it comes to his dating life, the Royals backstop keeps minimal info across social media platforms.Booker has a theory on the new Bieber-Selena rekindling, but is Perez buying it? Hollywood continues to be rocked by sexual harassment. The world has a new number one artist that nobody seems to have heard of. ​ Plus, Taylor Swift is probably listening to our show. An in depth conversation about Taylor Swift and her new direction. Is Rihanna primed to be the next Beyoncé in stature? The big story is the Debate, so the discussion focuses on just how much of the talk on this show should be done concerning politics. "Booker interviewed Katy Perry and learned virtually nothing. Perez has the new unreleased Britney Spears song and video and manages to upset Brit's fans with his comments about them. Also, the guys argue over which direction Arianna Grande's career is heading. Taylor Swift has a party and the guys focus on the guest list and another possible change concerning her. Hilary Duff mouth kisses her ex and it sparks a giant debate. Is there a Katy Perry Orlando Bloom Selena Gomez love triangle? And, Kevin Spacey's coming out didn't play so well.. Perez is fighting with seemingly everybody this week. " Kanye continues to spend like the world is going to end. And more on the falling of the star known as Ariana Grande. Fifth Harmony seems to be cracking under the pressures of touring. And what's with all of these pop stars and their "anxieties? Music news about Frank Ocean, Demi Lavato and Nick Jonas. The guys break down the Calvin/Taylor Demi/Wilmer and Gi Gi/Zayn break-ups and Perez contends that there is one couple in there that nobody cares about. The guys break down the entire Billboard Music awards, including the best and worst performances of the night and Bieber fans aren't gonna like this.

The World Series MVP has been a little more public about including her in pictures lately, most notably on a private jet with teammate Eric Hosmer on his way to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” “It’s not your place to tell women to get an abortion,” another woman tweeted.“So a woman needs a stable relationship with a man to raise a child?? Women can do freaking anything.” Hilton, the single father of Mario, 4, and Mia, 2 — delivered via surrogates — is no stranger to controversy.One of the first players to bathe in the appreciation (as well as the champagne), will be the man calling the pitches behind the dish and the man raising the MVP trophy. Some of her are aquaintinsis are Joey Mecury, Johny Nitro, Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall, and her boyfriend is Daniel Knudtson. She was a diva search winner and also a 3 time womens champion and helped MNM to the tag team title.

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