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Some have indicated that the baby, now known as "Jane Doe," could not be the child of Jessie as the baby did not appear to be biracial, further noting that Davis is white and Cutts is black.

Police have requested that DNA from the baby and that known to be from Davis be compared, the results of which may not be known for days (although police may know far sooner for purposes of their investigation.)The best, and apparently the only witness to Davis' possible disappearance is her son Blake.

Blake, in his best 2-½-year-old voice, has indicated that "Mommy was crying," "Mommy broke the table," and that "Mommy's in the rug." Some believe he is referring to a possible assault in the bedroom where a table and lamp were knocked, and that Davis may have been wrapped in and carried from the residence in the red comforter by her suspected assailant.

This is not like the case, however, of kidnapped, assaulted and murdered Kansas teenager Kelsey Smith.

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June 20: Pregnant Ohio woman Jessie Marie Davis was last heard from one week ago.The baby was sound asleep, obviously oblivious to the fact that the woman (or girl) who had given birth to her was nowhere around to feed her her next bottle. Redman, a former school nurse, has helped pregnant teens and women for a number of years, so they did not find this overly suspicious, especially noting that Mrs.Redman was currently working with one or more pregnant teenage girls.MIXED offspring that will serve no use for the white american cause. They are self-destructive and they physically sense it I'd wager. The Bitches that bed-down with the negro celebrity are so cavalier in thier thinking; they figure the benefits outweigh the detriment to them...belief will no doubt prosper untill such time when society again frowns on such behavior or when "lonewolfs" take it upon themselves to give them an abrupt wake-up call. The fat ones on the street have it, the high maintenance ones like this one have it.

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