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Also, he has a younger sister named Hillary Fuller.

There is no information regarding his parents’ identity and his early life.

I thought: ‘I’m so not going to get this.’ That released all the tension and pressure. From then on, Roxy finds that there’s a lot on her plate: getting to know her new husband, settling her children and moving to a new place with entirely foreign rules and customs.

From the minute I went in, I felt like I was what they wanted to see from that character.” “Roxy was a tricky role to cast,” says Deborah Spera, one of the show’s executive producers. When Sally walked in, we all looked at each other and said ‘Thank God.'” “Army Wives” is loosely based on the non-fiction book by Tanya Biank, in which one of the young couples Biank profiles really did meet and marry that quickly. Through it all, she maintains her humor and her common sense.

A classically trained ballerina, she graduated from Yale University with a degree in theater.

Still, she says she has some things in common with Roxy.

Any reasonable woman would have told the guy thanks, but no thanks. She took the leap, tying the knot and moving onto the army base with her two young sons (from two previous relationships) and her new husband, Trevor, winningly played by Drew Fuller.

Like Roxy, Sally Pressman had no idea what she was doing when she first showed up on set.

Season two, which will jump to 18 episodes from 13, starts production this November in Charleston, South Carolina.

“She’s very honest, very loyal and she doesn’t really take crap from people,” says Pressman.

“And sometimes I get in trouble with my opinions, too.” One thing that Roxy and Pressman definitely don’t share is a sense of style: “I would never dress that way on my own,” she says, admitting that she’s definitely watching what she eats during shooting because of all those “tops that barely go over Roxy’s ribs.

Roxy Le Blanc is the firecracker among the “Army Wives,” Lifetime’s biggest hit series ever.

She was the first character viewers met when the show debuted this summer.

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