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It seems he became a soldier and spy for the Dutch navy and operated with their backing.What is clear is that Henriques teamed up with Sir Henry Morgan, one of the most feared pirates in the Caribbean.(One of his works can be seen here: Jacob de Cordova Two books written by a Jew from Jamaica helped put the modern state of Texas on the map.“The Texas Immigrant and Traveler’s Guide Book” (1856), and “Texas, Her Resources and Her Public Men,” (1858), were written by two brothers – Jacob and Joshua de Cordova – from Kingston, Jamaica.Finally, on July 13, 1831, Jews received full civil rights and exploded onto the scene of Jamaica’s political life.By 1849, eight of the 47 members of Jamaica’s House of Assembly were Jewish and the Assembly closed on Yom Kippur because so many delegates were away.In the mid-1600s, when Spanish authorities threatened to wrest control of Jamaica away from Christopher Columbus’ family and impose the Inquisition there, Jamaica’s Jews mobilized.

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The island was granted to Columbus’ descendants as a personal possession.In prison, he comforted himself by thinking of the Hebrew Psalms – and decided to translate these timeless prayers into Spanish should he ever be released.Laguna eventually was let out of prison and he fled to Jamaica, where he embraced his Jewish identity.Together, and with the tacit backing of the English government, Henriques and Morgan plundered Spain’s colonies in the New World.Their 1628 heist against the Spanish Armada – in which they captured fabulous amounts of silver and gold – was the largest theft in the Spanish fleet’s history.

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