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Back to top--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What happens to my budget reports once I create a new budget? If a new budget is created existing budget reports will not be superseded or affected.There are two types of budget reports you may access and print: Budget Overview: This report shows a summary of budgeted amounts for a specific budget. Actuals: This report shows a summary of budgeted amounts versus actual amounts and their variances and variance percentages.If you want to create the combined budget within Quick Books Online, you will need to start a new budget and manually enter the combined amounts.You can copy an existing budget, this provides a way to create a new budget with amounts from an existing budget, then manually add amounts from the remaining budget(s).In most cases, you access the property settings by double-clicking the control.Alternatively, you can highlight the control and select Page Field Properties from the Edit menu or the pop-up menu, which is activated by right-clicking the control.Back to top--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can I combine multiple budgets into a single overall budget? You can, however, export the individual budget reports to Excel one at a time, then combine the reports into a single spreadsheet.For instructions on how to combine worksheet information, please refer to the Help Index in Excel.

updating the following field dropdown class upper-7

Once a budget has been deleted it cannot be restored.Use this table to select the appropriate page control type to associate with the corresponding field in your record definition: This section applies to both edit boxes and long edit boxes.Other controls may contain only a few, if any, of the properties listed in the following tables.This section discusses how to: For most controls, you must set record properties to assign the control to a specific field in a record definition.No distinct correlation exists between the field types in a record definition and the controls in a page definition.

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