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“Unconscionable conduct includes taking advantage of a consumer’s inability to appreciate the language and what they are getting themselves into,” she said.As for whether the boy could be charged with fraud for lying about his age, legal sources said it was unlikely the court would decide to prosecute a minor for fraud, given the circumstances.On the question of the lack of disclosure of the costs involved, they said they’d seek legal advice and would amend their process if necessary.They claimed about 30 percent of callers manage to pay that special price of R100 within 72 hours.The Advice: l If you’re over 18 and you feel the need to call one of these lines, and you don’t want to pay around R1.65 a second, make sure you call back and get the banking details and pay immediately. l If you’re a parent faced with such threats regarding the call your minor son made, know that the company’s threats, if you don’t pay up, are unlikely to be acted on.l If you’re the parent of a teenage boy, have your own talk with your son about sex chat lines.I suspect most parents buckle under the pressure and pay up. Consumer Talk recently investigated the case of 14-year-old Durban boy who used his father’s pre-paid cellphone to make a call to Hot Live Girls, having seen their advert in a local newspaper. ” asked Lily, a question he clearly wasn’t expecting. er 199..4.” And then Lily delivered the crucial information about the cost of the service, very fast, without the pauses which would have given the words meaning.

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My daughter would be mortified, and we are a bunch of christmas fanatics, and Rudolph is a big character in our family at considering walking to lidl just to get it tbh, ive never tried it befor and im imagining it to taste like venison. Jade, I didn't personally like croc as it was too tough for me!maybe different parts of the croc are tough/slimy/etc, lol. there a new lidl opening near me soon but i dont know when and dont fancy walking there for nowt.If not, the call will be charged at R1.65 per second for a minimum time of 10 minutes.You can phone back any time for the banking details, we are a 24-hour service…” And without pausing for breath – or establishing whether the potential client had grasped the information, much less agreed to the charges – she launched into her raunchy routine.

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