Russian dating etiquette tips

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Russian girls expect very good treatment from their male suitors while on dates and during their entire courtship.This puts a lot of pressure on the man and requires their 100% effort and enthusiasm.The hostess will generally refuse, but will appreciate the offer.Men customarily pour the drinks for the women sitting beside them.People here like culture, so invite your girlfriend to the theater, a museum or even a movie.If it is nice outside you always can take a walk, but remember that women here wear high heels so make sure you are not walking large distances, otherwise the process is uncomfortable for her.Do not get up from the table until the host invites you to do so.

Flowers and small gifts are encouraged if not required and definitely remembered and considered a very nice gesture.If you are the guest of honor, keep this in mind and do not stay too late, even if your host seems to insist upon it.One to two hours after eating is generally sufficient.Lisa Parris is a writer and former features editor of "The Caldwell County News." Her work has also appeared in the "Journal of Comparative Parasitology," "The Monterey County Herald" and "The Richmond Daily News." In 2012, Parris was honored with awards from the Missouri Press Association for best feature story, best feature series and best humor series.Dating in Russia is pretty much the same as everywhere else - it is fun and a good way to meet people!

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