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No closed season Ground Hog or Woodchuck.......................... An applicant for a permit shall present a valid hunting license issued to the applicant for the current license year under section 1533.13 of the Revised Code and shall maintain a valid and current hunting license thereafter while taking or attempting to take game or raptors to be used for falconry purposes.

No closed season Deer............................................. No open season Bear............................................. No open season (C) All species of fur-bearing animals may be taken and possessed only according to the following schedule, or as otherwise provided in this chapter or Chapter 1531. Inland Trapping Lake Erie District Trapping District Open Season Open Season Name Mink .......................................... A permit issued under this section is not transferable.

As used in this chapter, "person," "resident," "nonresident," "division rule," "rule," "closed season," "open season," "take or taking," "possession," "bag limit," "transport and transportation," "sell and sale," "whole to include part," "angling," "trotline," "fish," "measurement of fish," "wild birds," "game," "game birds," "nongame birds," "wild quadrupeds," "game quadrupeds," "fur-bearing animals," "wild animals," "hunting," "trapping," "muskrat spear," "channels and passages," "island," "reef," "fur farm," "waters," "crib," "car," "commercial fish," "fishing," "fillet," "part fillet," "round," "migrate," "spreader bar," "fishing guide," "net," "commercial fishing gear," "native wildlife," "gill net," "tag fishing tournament," "tenant," "nonnative wildlife," "reptiles," "amphibians," "deer," "domestic deer," "migratory game bird," "accompany," "electric-powered all-purpose vehicle," "wholly enclosed preserve," "commercial bird shooting preserve," "wild animal hunting preserve," and "captive white-tailed deer" have the same meanings as in section 1531.01 of the Revised Code. (B) No person shall fail to obey the order of a peace officer or wildlife officer to desist from conduct that violates division (A) of this section.

Fish in the inland and Lake Erie fishing districts, game birds and game quadrupeds throughout the state, and fur-bearing animals in the inland and Lake Erie trapping districts may be taken and possessed only in open season, in compliance with this section or a division rule, stipulating the length of fish and the number of fish, game birds, game quadrupeds, and fur-bearing animals that may be taken. No closed No closed 20 20 season season 10 Sunfish........ (C) This section applies only to acts committed on lands or waters upon which hunting, trapping, or fishing activity may lawfully occur.

The waters of Lake Erie and the waters, lands, and marshes included in Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, Erie, Lorain, Cuyahoga, Lake, and Ashtabula counties constitute the "Lake Erie trapping district," and all other waters, lands, and marshes within the state constitute the "inland trapping district." The waters of Lake Erie; the waters of Sandusky bay as far west as a continuation due south to the Sandusky county shore of the section line between sections 23 and 24 in Bay township, Ottawa county, and as far east as a continuation due north of the township line between Perkins and Huron townships, Erie county, indicated by markers which shall be permanently erected on each shore; and the waters of Maumee bay as far south as a line which shall be a continuation due eastward of the section line between sections 16 and 21 in Washington township, Lucas county, indicated by markers which shall be permanently erected on each shore, constitute the "Lake Erie fishing district." All other waters over which the state has jurisdiction, whether lakes, rivers, creeks, or reservoirs or whether natural or artificial, including East Harbor, West Harbor, and Middle Harbor in Ottawa county, and the waters of Ten Mile creek lying within this state constitute the "inland fishing district." (A) All species or kinds of fish may be taken and possessed only according to the following schedule or as otherwise provided in this chapter or Chapter 1531. Minimum Legal Daily Lengths Bag Name of Fish Open Season in Inches Limits Inland Lake Erie 1 Muskellunge..... No closed No closed None None 20 20 season season 11 Catfish........ This section does not apply to acts of a peace officer, the owner of the lands or waters, or a tenant or other person acting under authority of the owner on the lands or waters.

No closed No closed 30 None 2 None season season 2 Yellow Pike-perch No closed No closed 13 None 6 None season season 3 Bluegill........ No closed No closed None None 20 None season season Division (A)(7) of this section includes brooktrout, rainbow trout, and brown trout. (D) Upon petition by a person who is or reasonably may be affected by conduct that violates or will violate division (A) of this section and a showing by that person that the conduct has occurred in a particular place and may reasonably be expected to occur in or near that place again, a court of common pleas may enjoin the conduct in accordance with Civil Rule .

No closed No closed None None 20 None season season 6 White Bass...... Division (A)(10) of this section includes pumpkinseed sunfish, long-eared sunfish, and green sunfish. "Implements" does not include items being used in the due course of farming, forestry, or commercial practices. (B) The chief of the division of wildlife may authorize the taking, possession, and transportation of raptors for use in the sport of falconry by rules adopted pursuant to section 1531.08 of the Revised Code.

The duration of the permit shall be consistent with applicable federal requirements.(C) A permittee may use a raptor possessed for propagation in the sport of falconry only if the permitee is in compliance with section 1533.05 of the Revised Code and the raptor is reported under permits issued under both that section and this section.(D) This section does not apply to propagation of raptors by the state, any agency of the state, the United States, any agency or instrumentality thereof, or any zoological park. No person within the state shall buy, sell, expose for sale, offer for sale, or have in possession for any such purpose any of the fish, or any part thereof, mentioned in this section, whether taken within or without the state, except such fish as are protected by law and taken by licensed commercial fishermen in the Lake Erie fishing district and in other waters wherein fishing with nets is licensed by law. This section does not prevent the owner or operator of a farm or enclosure used to breed and raise raccoon, skunk, mink, muskrat, or opossum from taking or possessing at any time such fur-bearing animals although the farm or enclosure, in addition to that use, also is used during the open season for hunting other game.

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