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Not as good as some of her colleagues, but not as bad as you might think the perpetually smiling ingenue might go.At this stage, Valentina is due for another win to remind us why she deserves a spot in the top three for more than just her flawless looks and for inspiring the meme of the season (sorry Aja).I get it, standup comedy is hard (no doubt slightly harder with your balls tucked up inside your body).But like Snatch Game, the standup challenge lets us know who the gifted comedians why is it when she does it, it comes off as an insincere attempt at centring herself in a drama?

Today and today only you can pick up this very cool “Teen Soldier Romance Comics” shirt featuring Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask on the cover of an American style comic book at Shirt Punch for .Confession: until I watched Alexis Michelle’s green lip synch, I didn’t know how badly I needed to see Marcia Gay Harden play Elphaba in the Palm Springs Players’ production of .Alexis mum-danced her way across the stage to that Dolly Parton hit like it was three hours after speeches at her stepdaughter’s wedding, and I was there for it.Here are the roasters who crackled, and the ones who came off a little frozen in the middle.After a so-so Snatch Game, I wrote Peppermint off as a gifted improviser and comedic performer, but this week she not only roasted Michelle Visage, she carved her up and served her on a silver platter.

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