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Think carefully about the couple and their personal preferences.

Maybe matching diamond watches one for her and one for him would be a nice way to commemorate this significant event.

Another personalized gift idea is to document either with a video camera or with lots of still pictures the sixtieth anniversary celebration.

Include quotes or interviews with the guests and with the honorees.

The “Watchery” website at a large selection of men’s and women’s diamond watches from which you should be able to find the perfect anniversary gift.

There are also many fine diamond jewelry selections including rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces if diamond jewelry is the gift you want to give.

You can make the request by postal mail sending your request to1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC 20502 or by faxing your request to (202) 456-2461. Peter Smith), the date of the wedding, the number of the anniversary and be sure to include your address to send the greeting back to you and a daytime phone number in case additional information or clarification is needed.

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The website “Smugmug” at is another popular site offering assistance with the creation of online video and photo sites and presentations as well as reproducing your photos on many gift items including coffee mugs and aprons.If the couple would appreciate a personal greeting from President Obama you can request the White House send a congratulatory message on the couple achieving this milestone anniversary.It is currently taking the Obama White House eight to twelve weeks to fill special greeting requests so be sure to get your request submitted a sufficient amount of time in advance to allow you to receive the greeting and include it in your anniversary scrapbook, or video presentation or have it framed for display at the celebration.And if the couple is intensely private and happiest when enjoying each other why not all chip in and give them a cruise or a vacation villa at a private beach rather than make them suffer through a large affair with lots of people and chatter making them uncomfortable.My advice let the couple help plan the sixtieth anniversary celebration.

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