G dragon dating rumor who is jillian michaels dating heidi rhoades

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Sharing a photo of her lounging around with G-Dragon backstage, Park wrote: "Great show!!! Park's guest performance in G-Dragon's concert was announced a week before Friday, much to the delight of fans who have been "shipping" the two as a couple.Early this year, rumors surfaced claiming that Park and G-Dragon were dating after fan videos showed them cuddling after Big Bang's concert January 8. YG Entertainment, Park and G-Dragon's talent agency, was quick to douse the rumors and said the moment fans caught was staged as a joke.They where rumoured to have broken up just as they were rumoured dating. No one batted an eye when the two were modelling together for a photoshoot but it was after his private instagram was hacked and leaked photos of the two looking close were revealed, when the speculations began.These rumoured were debunked when it was revealed Nana was dating an actor called Masaki Suda.Although Sulli is dating publily rumours still flooded in about possible relationship with Gdragon after similarities where again spotted between the two’s SNS.It was brought back to light recently when both were spotted hanging together with a bunch of other friends.During the concert, the two thanked each other and whispered sweet nothings before singing "Hello" in matching red costumes. The rumors are further fanned by Dara's debut You Tube video for her newly launched Dara TV channel that featured G-Dragon's recent concert in Seoul.

Kim Dong Hwa is 6 years older then GD, she owns a bar/restaurant that Seungri use to work in for his Manwon Happiness challenge.CL, Dara's former band mate in the K-pop girl group 2NE1, was also romantically linked to G-Dragon.Kwon Ji-Yong, better known by his stage name G-Dragon, is an iconic K-pop rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and fashion icon.However this is not the only time, back when Sulli was in F(x) Gd called sulli cute and indirectly kissed her which gain a ton of attention especially with Sulli’s innocent image at the time.Hara was one of the other friend and she found herself stuck in dating rumour with GD as well. Gdragon stated he won’t reveal who e dates if his girlfriend is not comfortable about it.

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