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How A Smartphone Can Make Your Teen a Criminal A smartphone, used improperly, can get your teen arrested.

That is a cold fact, and one that’s important to remember when you sit down to have a talk with them about what they can and can’t do with their device.

In states that have not specifically addressed sexting, it is very possible that the state will defer to its child pornography laws to address the action.

That can be even more dangerous for teens who have an age difference.

Something as innocent-seeming as agreeing to meet up with someone younger can have disastrous consequences, even if it’s only a year or so difference in age.

Many parents do not fully understand nor contemplate the fact that a child or teen sending or receiving sexually explicit images on their smartphone may be deemed to have committed a criminal offense, with the severity of those charges being quite sobering.

In Texas, a law passed in 2011 , SB 407, imposes harsh consequences for teens.

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