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Besides, I've found an amazingly useful Py GTK method, gobject.child_watch_add, which does exactly what I want on UNIX but wants process handles on Windows. Regards, Geoff Bache From Lie.1296 at Tue Jun 10 2008 From: Lie.1296 at (Lie) Date: Tue, -0700 (PDT) Subject: EXE is very slow by starting ( Ideal f?So I can't use it in conjunction with subprocess there, and if I use some other way of spawning processes I can't clean them up later. r Modem und ISDN: Possibly you could use a splash screen and as have been said, you should load modules as late as possible (that means the some import statement is not positioned in the beginning of the code).You install Xcode by double clicking on a file from your Leopard DVD. You can earn 25 US$ in just 5mins from now, please follow the simple steps: It's absolutely free to join. Ref ID=242423 A page will open Step 02 Click on "Create a Free Account" Step 03 Fill up the details and register. You will see - The Following Surveys are Available: A list of surveys is given under this heading.You also can download gcc from the site and bootstrap/compile it. Just click on those surveys and fill up the details. For More Details Plz contact me : ssweta.verma at Click Here For More Earning opportunities CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY WEBSITE Regards Sweta Verma From Russ. Paielli at (Russ P.) Date: Mon, -0700 (PDT) Subject: Why does python not have a mechanism for data hiding? Well, the designers of C , Java, and Ada, to name just three very popular languages (well, two) seem to think it makes sense. From george.sakkis at Thu Jun 12 2008 From: george.sakkis at (George Sakkis) Date: Wed, -0700 (PDT) Subject: Simple and safe evaluator References: IOError: file() constructor not accessible in restricted mode Not an exploit yet but I wouldn't be surprised if there is one.References: plain py-shift-region if you like them better). For the sake of debugging try adding the c:\python25\lib path to the variable of the interpreter before attempting to import rpdb2. From bruno.42.desthuilliers at websiteburo.invalid Thu Jun 19 2008 From: bruno.42.desthuilliers at websiteburo.invalid (Bruno Desthuilliers) Date: Thu, 0200 Subject: Looking for lots of words in lots of files In-Reply-To: inefficient to loop, etc. References: Sent from the Python - python-list mailing list archive at Is there some other method rather than a blocking "for line in fin:" that i can use for reading from a file like device that plays nicely with other threads asynchronously waking it up? I am giving updates as i look further into the List = ['lkdfjsldk', None, '', '0', 'slfkjsdlfj', 'lsdgjdlfg', False, True] ['%s\t%s'%((i 1),element) if element else '%s\t Error on this definition'%(i 1) for i,element in enumerate(my List)] From at Fri Jun 13 2008 From: at (at Date: Fri, -0700 (PDT) Subject: error showing file not found References: You can see the file whether it is loaded in C:\Python and you entered it correctly. Else you may refer Python docs for Error and Exception handling. From tjreedy at Mon Jun 23 2008 From: tjreedy at (Terry Reedy) Date: Mon, -0400 Subject: 2to3 bug and question In-Reply-To: is this the right group to ask / report problems with python3.0 ? Given the number of bogus bug reports on, asking here is often a good idea.Is there any way to convert one of these numbers to the other? You should reach the event loop as soon as possible.

2to3 had probably been less well tested and debugged than either of the new releases, so testing it now is helpful.tjr From geoff.bache at Mon Jun 23 2008 From: geoff.bache at (geoffbache) Date: Mon, -0700 (PDT) Subject: Terminating processes on Windows (handles and IDs) Message-ID: Hi all, I've always wondered why isn't supported on Windows.I found a discussion somewhere from 2006 about this so it seems others have wanted it, but still nothing.We have one of those "Panda Gate Defender" gateways which look at everything you download and surf. Anyways, I have found a co-worker who had a copy of Python 2.5, and I have installed it without problems. From nir1408 at Fri Jun 6 2008 From: nir1408 at (Nir) Date: Fri, -0700 (PDT) Subject: Cannot use Winpdb (or Py Dev) to trace embedded Python script in MSVC application - Import Error: No module named _socket References: You seem to be having a problem with the import path of the embedded interpreter. But even then, the problem is that the process will also close the console window from which it was called because of the 0.Thank you very much Pedro From grante at Thu Jun 12 2008 From: grante at (Grant Edwards) Date: Wed, -0500 Subject: how to indent/dedent a region in emacs? I suppose the embedded interpreter includes some modules in a particular folder and _socket is not one of them. at wrote: One way is to use a package that allows you to simulate being a browser: . From cwitts at Sun Jun 29 2008 From: cwitts at (Chris) Date: Sun, -0700 (PDT) Subject: Testing for Null? From brendon at Thu Jun 19 2008 From: brendon at (Brendon Costa) Date: Wed, -0700 (PDT) Subject: How do i : Python Threads Keyboard Interrupt exception References: I tested this a bit more. Also this requires that the process actually have a console and is not a GUI application.

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