Dating wifes girl friend

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And there's never any doubt or insecurity that both of us are just going to be there when sh*t gets really hard.

She lets me be myself without trying to change me, and accepts me for who I am and who I want to be. She was never a super outdoorsy girl before, but she was willing to try it because she saw that it meant a lot to me.

I saw the true value of our relationship right then, and felt very lucky to have her as my partner." , and I told myself this is who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

She was much smarter, and much more mature, and I could see my future with her being wonderful.

Plus, she even pooped in the woods one time when she had to.June found me on Facebook and we started dating in December.We said marriage was off the table because neither of us wanted to experience the hurt we went through again, but in April (yes, just four months later), I married her.It sounds simple, but that was a moment of true love for me, and 13 years later she's still the Ethel to my Fred (there's an "When we first started dating, Molly was a schoolteacher and I was floored by the amount of time she spent outside of the classroom with her kids.She'd spend all day teaching, and then after school she coached lacrosse, helped with the drama club, and worked with kids at the YMCA.

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    After we drove around for a bit, Molly wanted to head back to our apartment where I couldn't wait for her to suck my rock hard cock!