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Very few men are actually focused on a relationship as the end game as to why they are dating.” She pointed out, “Most men don’t even have end games.

That’s why you hear them say, ‘If I find the right person who’s a match for what I want than a relationship could be in the cards.’ Notice the relationship is not his end game.” Jennifer Donnelly, a dating andrelationship expert, author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, said her best advice to a woman is, “Cool your jets.

Just because you made it to the third date does not mean you're exclusive, so don't act like it.

If you start acting like he is your boyfriend around friends, family and him, he will likely flip out internally and pull away.

One of the reasons women make mistakes after the third date is, “our main reason for dating is usually to get into a relationship, while a man’s focus is usually to get to the next step, be it another date or sex,” said Tamara Leah Orras, dating and relationship coach and founder of Flirt With Me Coaching Services.

This is when women who know better will start calling or texting him a little too much, or, heavens forbid, invite him to dinner with the parents.

This pull to seek out and secure a relationship is where we women can sometimes get ourselves in a pickle, mostly because our focus becomes about the relationship,” Orras said.

This can cause relationship stress, especially early in the dating situation.

There is no time limit on monogamy so let things play out as they should without expectations and labels.” The third date is also known the “sex date” where a couple has sex for the first time, so if this happens, or doesn’t happen, that can also seriously affect the future of the relationship.

Elliott Katz, author of Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom on Being a Man, said, “If the third date, is the sex date, don't let having sex cloud your judgment and avoid talking about life goals to see if you are really compatible and want the same kind of life.

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