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Everything seems to work): firmware for TL-WR842N(EU) (I succesfully flashed on HW v3.1 using stock web UI the factory file): Tested, works ok: image, with luci, works ok: to stock firmware (without bootloader, not tested):

Power is drawn from external input over one 1A Schottky diode (SS14), with a voltage drop of max .45V at 1A.

Rename the file, so it matches the name required by the router: wr842ndv1_tp_Configure your PC lan adapter ip address to IP and connect your computer to one of the ports of the router.

Install a tftp server, for windows you can download one from Run the tftp server and browse for the directory that contains the above firmware image.

First, enter failsafe mode: I have a question here, why enter failsafe mode, if you are going Failsafe thats another route, all you have to do is whats next here is a example too

81462-How-to-recovery-the-router-when-you-bricked-it Remove the power plug from the router. Insert the power plug without releasing the WPS/RESET button, wait a moment for the Lock LED to come on solid.

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