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Extortion scams refer to any person who unlawfully obtains money, property or services from a person, entity or institution through coercion.

Scammers come up with new reasons why you urgently need to pay them money.

In order to obtain the private key, a ransom payment in the amount of 0.00 is demanded to be paid by Bitcoin, UKash, Green Dot or other digital payment systems.

The user is given approximately 72 hours before the private key is destroyed and the files are lost forever.

The payment must be made immediately to avoid a fine.

Commonly, these e-mails scam campaigns will claim that "you have been betrayed by someone" and that they have been hired to "kill you".

The e-mails go on to say that fees are required to be paid to "spare your life".

However, the recipient is told that the outstanding warrant that can be avoided if the payment is made promptly.

In many cases, individuals are told they will be deported if the taxes are not paid right away.

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