Bios provides utility for updating bios through internet updating the currently checked out branch this may cause confusion

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Firewalls, port stealthing and all the fancy software secures you from outside and network attacks.

No one protects their consoles or laptops nowadays.

Then burn and chip (~1mm) the platters entire surface and submerge in nitric then sulfuric acids. most crooks and bad guys are not that well educated, that's how we catch you... BIOS passwords secure different levels of system access.

DOD and NSA can read data off intact platters via electron scanning or Electron tunneling microscopes but not after the 23x triple re-writes and surface scour as the newer magnetic particles leave zero residual changes in the sub-medium. Lowest level is access control for power management functions, next for BIOS access (BIOS password) and highest level is for PC access (Administrator password).2.

Do you have access to a schools computer, library or Internet Cafe' ?

bios provides utility for updating bios through internet-85

Only way is to triple encrypt (PGP or DES3) your raw data on HDD then upon discard perform a "clean" 23x rewrite "0" zeros and "1" ones then 23x write "1" ones then 23x "0" zeros...

Depending on your mainboard layout you'll see a seperate battery or won't see it as it will be integrated in a multifunction chip housing battery, real time clock (RTC) and other components (usually a small black brick on the mainboard).

Keeping that in mind different ways of removing the password are possible.

Download the ISO image you need, and if you need assistance creating a bootable CD from this image, visit the how-to page.

Everyone's seen Windows boot screens..think of ALL THE YEARS wasted watch DOS & Windows Boot!

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