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Non-Word Press Site Owners: Invalidate Sessions If you use a different publishing platform, you will need to ensure that all sessions are invalidated.

That means that your site visitor login cookies need to be made invalid.

You need to change the following section in your and save it: We suggest that you change the highlighted text in your to a long random string of characters and numbers.

You can also use the link in the comment above the ‘define’ statements to generate a salt.

Since this leak was discovered, Google and other search engines have been working to try and remove the sensitive data from their caches.

If the your private SSL key is leaked, an attacker could listen in on all traffic to and from your website.

When viewing cached pages in Google, it is still possible at the time of writing (7pm Pacific Time on Feb 23rd) to view cached sensitive data in Google’s search results.

Similarly it is possible to view sensitive Cloudflare data in Duck Duck Go’s search results.

The worst data leakage occurred between the dates of February 13th and February 18th when one in every 3.3 million requests to Cloudflare’s servers was leaked.

During the period when the leak occurred, visitors to certain websites would see what appeared to be garbage data mixed into the web page they were viewing. The data was in some cases sensitive and included security tokens and other sensitive information.

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